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clouds I admit I've always wondered what exactly I am feeding my furry friends when I open one of those convenient cans. was inspired by the unprecedented recall of at least 95 different brands of cat and dog food in March of 2007 by one manufacturer. Days after this site was launched several brands of dry food were also recalled.

Arsenic, rat poison, mold, fungus, Melamine? Whatever it is that is harming our beloved pets, the result remains the same.

Rather than take a chance that the pet food you are using is or is not on the "safe list", why not make your own? For thousands of years people fed their pets using the same ingredients they cooked with. My friends who grew up on farms always gave the barn cats chicken, rice, and diluted milk.

I've researched several veterinary, university, and animal welfare websites and have combined the advice they provide along with my family's lifetime experience in pet ownership to cull a large list of pet food recipes down to the ones that do not contain ingredients known to be harmful to cats and dogs, require an extensive list of supplements and powders, or contain unusual or hard to find and/or extrememly expensive ingredients.

The recipes have been categorized and should provide something even the finickiest of eaters will find irresistible. Make your own cat food, cat treats, dog food and dog treats with the numerous free pet food recipes on Before you make your own dog food or cat food, be sure to visit our vet-approved list of foods not safe for pets.

December 26, 2012...A recent surge in traffic to Foods Not Safe for Pets led to the creation of the article Turmeric and pets. Please read the article and visit the links provided before giving this spice to your pets medicinally.

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