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clouds Our home no longer has the soft tap-tap that marked the movement of our cat across the floor; no longer are we greeted with a series of demanding meows for breakfast, and our laps are now bare. Though our kitty left us the week before Thanksgiving 2006, we have been watching in horror as the food we fed her with love is now being linked to the illness and deaths of so many other beloved pets. And we, like so many others, are wondering if our own pet was somehow affected by tainted food as well.

Our sympathies go out to those of you currently struggling with life and death decisions neccesary in the wake of this tragedy and know the utter silence that follows when our furry children are no longer with us.

Were our Skeeter still alive, we would be hunting for alternatives to the canned food we had fed her for years that has now sickened so many. Timing is everything, and I was able to purchase a collection of pet food recipes and through this site would like to offer them to those of you now looking for ways to feed your pet and totally control what it is you are putting in their bowls daily.

Update!!! We have had two new additions to our household in 2009 - two beautiful Siamese sisters!. The irony is that now that we finally have two furbabies to make these great recipes for is that neither one of them will eat any "people food". Whoever heard of a cat that didn't eat balogna or liver wurst? Not even butter or melted ice cream will tempt these two. Oh well. LOL.


The collection had substantially more recipes than I am sharing here. I went through them with the knowledge I have gained from a lifetime of living with both cats and dogs and after researching several University and animal welfare websites, the pet recipes that remain do not contain ingredients my family would have not fed our own pets.

There is much debate on whether or not feeding cats and dogs from the kitchen will not provide them with enough nutrition. In a recent magazine article where a vet was interviewed she reminded everyone that canned pet food has not always been around and for literally thousands of years people around the world have been feeding their pets homemade food. Pre-made canned and bagged food has simply become part of our modern lifestyle that requires things to be quick and easy. We've known for years that human convenience foods are full of excess salt and fat; should it be any surprise that our pets' foods are not much better. If only the current crisis was as simple as too much salt and fat. In this day of foods containing multi-syllabic, unpronouncable ingredients for both human and pet consumption, perhaps it is long overdue we return to cooking our own food.

I did not include most of the recipes that contained what seemed an excessive amount of supplementary ingredients. However, there are a few recipes I included that do contain a list of vitamins and supplements - since these recipes came from others, I would urge you to check them out with your vet - particularly in the case of the recipes for sick and ailing cats.

The recipes offered here are freely offered for personal use. Their origins are a bit murky but I did quite a bit of editing and the overall compilation is protected by copyright which means it is unlawful to wholesale copy the materials on this site and publish them on your own blog or website.

The recipes remain untested by our family as our new furry housemates are so opposed to people food. We do hope to try a few anyway and will share our results as appropriate.

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